Optamize, stepping forward
a tool for building healthy eating habits

Food Journal

Meal Reminders

Menu Planning

Personal Coaching

Coach Friendly Tools

Track what you eat and when
Optamize provides tools for tracking specifics concerning your food and water intake. If you activate meal reminders you will
Partner with a coach
Optamize includes a coaching option which will help you work together with a group to encourage each other on living a healthy lifestyle
Plan ahead
Use the recipes already here or add your own for the benefit of the group. Do you have a favorite recipe site you use often? Let us know and we can add it for including in your meal planning

Optamize Your Health App for Coaches

One-to-One or Group Communications

Tools for managing clients

  • Enhance client relationships
  • Personal private messaging
  • Emailed reports
  • Mobile and web
  • Personal home page
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